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Environmental sustainability

 The developments of the new Recoll environmentally products in line with the existing needs and market requests are continually increasing.
Working closely with our customers and evaluating them with the best solutions for their needs, we are constantly developing new products that help us to protect the environment and those who use daily our adhesives and paints.
The waterbase products are increasing inside the range of our most important specialities with excellent results of durability and quality. Our development service together to the technical assistance service with a close cooperation with professionals and final users are always able to suggest and to offer the best solutions.

Recoll since last February 2011 has also completed the installation of the photovoltaic system that provides the company 'all the electricity needed for its own needs.
The plant will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste of corporate resources and instill awareness in the company to work for a company that cares about the welfare of the people and the environment, in the hope that everyone does their part, also on a personal level, to reduce waste.